Creating a Billing Invoice

Billing invoices in Oojeema are used to record sales of services to customers. The main differences between a sales invoice and a billing invoice being that when billing for services, we recognize the revenue or sale only upon receiving the payment from the customer we are billing.

Select a Customer #

1. Begin by selecting Billing Invoice from the sidebar.

2. Click on the add icon to show the Billing Invoice transaction form.


3. In the header section, select the customer and add any notes or reference number for this invoice.

4. Set your tax options that will be applicable across all items that you will be adding to this invoice. This is one of the differences with the Sales Invoice, where you can specify different tax types with goods, but not with services.

5. By default, the Revenue Recognition option will be set to what was defined in the Company settings under the Billing Invoice Revenue Recognition section. You can change the default option by updating your company settings.

Adding an Item #

5. Add an item to the invoice.

6. Select an item from your item choices, and set the quantity and price. Oojeema will compute for the tax details based on the tax options you have set in the header information.

Applying a Discount #

There are 3 types of discounts that you can apply to an invoice.

  • Person with Disability (PWD) Discount
  • Senior Citizen Discount (SC)
  • Trade Discount

PWD & SC Discounts
1. Enter the gross amount that you would like to apply the discount to, and Oojeema will automatically compute for the 20% discount.

2. Enter the identification details of the person availing the PWD/SC discount.

Trade Discount
Enter the gross amount and enter either the discount rate (in decimal) or the amount you want to apply.


Summary #

You may review the summary of your transactions and also check the account entries of your transactions in the Accounts Receivable section.

Since income for billings or services are recognized upon settlement of invoice, Oojeema books the sales to a Sales Clearing account and reverses this upon payment from the customer.


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Updated on November 27, 2023