Recording Expenses

The Expense module in Oojeema allows you to record the cost of your operations that allows your company to generate the revenues needed.

Select a Vendor #

1. Begin by selecting Expense from the sidebar.

2. Click on the add icon to show the Expense transaction form.


3. Select a Vendor from the drop down field.

Expense Vendor

Add an Expense Item #

4. Select an Expense Account

5. Enter the description for this particular expense.


6. The credit account is automatically set to Accounts Payable – Non-Trade, but you can change it to an appropriate credit account.

7. Enter the Price for this expense.

8. Select a tax option.


Withholding Tax #

If you’re a withholding agent, select the rate you are withholding and make sure that the appropriate ATC is selected.


Summary #

You may review the summary of your transactions and also check the account entries of your transactions in the Accounts Payable section.


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Updated on September 21, 2022