Issuing Payments

In this guide, we will be going through the different ways to issuing payments for both Purchase and Expense invoices.

Note: Make sure you have added the GL Account of your bank in your Chart of Accounts if you haven’t done so yet.

Issuing Payments per Invoice #

When issuing payments per invoice, go to the listing screen and click on the drop down icon beside the transaction you will be issuing a payment for.

  1. Click on the Issue Payment option
  2. In the Issue Payment screen, click on the plus or add icon.

3. Set the payment date to when the payment is issued.

4. Enter the amount to be paid to the Vendor. This can be in full or a partial payment.

5. The Payment Account option lets you select which account you plan to credit or issue the payment from.

5. Select a mode of payment and details of the payment mode.

6. After completing the details of the payment. You may review the summary of the payments as well as the accounting entries generated

Issuing Batch Payment #

Aside from issuing payments for individual invoices, you may also issue payments to vendors where you wish to settle multiple purchases or expenses for.

1. Click on the Issue Batch Payment icon located at the upper right hand-most corner.

2. Select the Vendor to show a list of invoices with outstanding payments.

3. Select the invoices from the list and review amount to pay per  invoice.

4. You may also issue partial payment to specific invoices

Payment Voucher Entries #

After entering the details of the batch payment, you can review the accounting entries for the payment voucher

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