Invite a User

With Oojeema, you can add as many users as you need to help you with recording your transactions.

Follow these steps in inviting users to your account:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select User
  3. Click on the Invite User button
  1. Fill up the details of the user you are inviting.
  2. Select the appropriate group for this user.
  3. You may create custom user groups by following the steps in creating user groups.

Note:By default, you can assign the user to the System Admin or the Accountant group that comes with a pre-assigned set of permissions. If you want to give your user custom permissions, you can create a new User Group and assign that group to your accountant later on.

Your user will receive an email with their sign-in credentials. If your user is an existing Oojeema user, they will receive an email notice that they can login to your company using their existing credentials.

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