Issuance of Petty Cash Fund

A petty cash fund is a convenient resource that businesses maintain to cover small, day-to-day expenses. It’s like having spare change readily available to handle minor purchases without the need for complex approvals or reimbursement processes.

Steps in issuing Petty Cash Funds #

    1. From the Dashboard, click on the side bar and select Expense
    2. Click on the plus icon (+) to add a new expense.
    3. In the Add Expense screen, select your petty cash custodian as the Vendor. (fig. 1)
    Petty Cash Add Expense
    fig. 1 – Add Expense Record
    1. Select Petty Cash Fund as your Expense Account. (fig. 2)
    Add Expense
    fig. 2 – Add Expense Item

    5. Issue the payment of the petty cash fund expense. (fig. 3)

    fig. 3 – Issue payment for the Petty Cash

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    Updated on August 9, 2023