20 Ways to Get More Clients (Part 3 of 4)

As the title clearly states, this is now the third part of our four-part series about how you can get more clients. If you missed the first two, here’s the first and second five.


Meeting up with people is one good way to expand your reach. But where do you find people with common interests?

Meetup.com may be the answer.

Just create your account then start searching for groups you’re interested in. If you can’t find one, you can create a group of your own then wait for others to join.


This method may not be a specific how-to, but choosing your own niche makes it easier for you to find clients.

Would you like to work with businesses in the real estate? Law firms? Software industry? It’s your call.

The best part of concentrating on a specific niche, aside from narrowing your market, is that you can master the ins and outs of the industry you choose. This means the enterprises in your target niche can be confident that you are an expert in that field.


Who doesn’t run to the internet when they need something? Perhaps only those who haven’t seen or heard of it before.

So if you’d like more people to know more about you, you have to get your resume out there (in addition, of course, to your own site).

Some of the top sites for you are Upwork, Craigslist, Raket.ph, and Freelancing.ph. For more options, check out Zipmatch’s list.


Businesses need accounting and bookkeeping. Being a partner of at least one business means a lot.


Because if you play your cards right, your current partner may point to your professional services someone they know needs a service like yours.

Oojeema is one company that offers partnerships with accountants. The best part of being Oojeema’s partner is you get incentives on top of having more exposure.

On top of these, Oojeema’s partners can also have access to resources that only qualified individuals have access to.


We don’t know about you, but Quora is one of our go-to sites next to Wikipedia whenever we need an answer to something.

And unlike posting your resumes online, Quora gives you a chance to showcase your expertise to thousands of users, which, in a way, gets your foot in the door.

The better answers you offer, the more upvotes you get. And this can lead to more exposure.

What’s more:

Quora allows you to link to any site. Hence, if you are managing your own site, Quora can help drive traffic to it.

Need more tips?

Check out the last part.

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