20 Ways to Get More Clients (Part 2 of 4)

Here’s the second part of our getting more clients series. If you missed Part 1, you may check it out here.

Otherwise, here’s the next five:

Free advice

In a previous post, we shared how adding value to your service attracts more clients. And one of the values you include is offering free advice.

Who doesn’t love free stuff?

This is especially beneficial if you haven’t established your name yet. Potential clients don’t know yet what you can bring to the table, so giving them free financial advice will get your foot on the door.

Some of the places where you can get potential clients are listed in the first part of this blog. Alternately, you can join groups such as Philippine Tax, Accounting and Audit Forum and Tax Help in the Philippines on Facebook.

Google My Business

If you have already established your business’ physical address, getting listed on Google My Business can do so much for your exposure.

A lot of us know that Google is the go-to search engine for a significant number of people. And once your business is published in My Business, it leaves the impression that your business is legitimate.

Plus, your satisfied clients can easily leave reviews that’ll benefit your practice even more.


If you’re targeting international clients, Help A Reporter Out (HARO) is your best bet at PR. It’s a US-based service where you can help a journalist or reporter get expert advice.

But just because it’s US-based, it doesn’t mean they only ask experts residing in the US. The company is global; hence, it caters to different companies worldwide.

These pieces of advice may be published on big papers such as The New York Times, Time Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, and so on.

All you have to do is create an account and you’ll start getting emails every week containing questions from reporters.

The next part is tricky.

Since you are competing with several other experts in your field, you have to craft your answer in the “most quotable” way. Buzzstream has a comprehensive guide to drafting your pitch.

Direct mail

We understand that the world is going green; hence, almost all companies are going paperless. But in the world of digital messages, nothing probably excites us more than receiving a direct mail, AKA snail mail.

What’s more, sending a tangible mail has more chances of getting opened instead of being sent directly to a spam folder.

And did we say it’s pretty cheap?

Philpost has pretty competitive rates starting at PhP12.00 while others can be around PhP45.00, including the printing of the label on the envelope and organizing the mail contents.

So go ahead, craft that creative pitch of yours, look up potential clients, and mail them out.

Need help penning one? The Balance Careers published an article dedicated solely to writing direct mails effectively.


If you’ve already set up your own site or blog, you should know you have to insert outbound links in your content.

How can it help get you more clients?


According to SEO Hacker, including outbound links to your page “[helps] Google understand what your page is about.”

But it should not just be any link. You have to make sure the site you’re linking to is relevant to your content.

In addition, when you add outbound links you “create a web that expands and expands, from one related website to another,” says Yoast, which is beneficial for SEO in general.

This ends the second part of this 20-item list. Tune in for the next five and be sure to check the first five if you haven’t done so.

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