3 Ways to Efficiently Deal With Tax Season Stress

tax season stress

Tax season is that time of year your stress level as an accountant is as high as Santa Claus’ and his elves at Christmas time.

The sad part is we have been used to the onset of tax season stress that our minds have been programmed to overwork come the first few months of the year. We no longer look for ways to lessen the pressure and the stress that it entails.

But with these simple changes, you can actually enjoy the usually stressful tax season.

Manage accounts incrementally

Blame our Spanish ancestors for introducing the Mañana habit because this trait is one of the reasons our workload gets piled up come the deadline.


We can also get rid of it altogether in our practice. Here’s how.

Instead of isang bagsakan when updating your clients’ accounts, why not work on it ahead of time? This way, you won’t have to cram–and be stressed–when the tax season is around.

Talk with your client about the most viable schedule that will work for the both of you. It could be on a monthly or quarterly basis. This could be used as a chance to update your clients on their finances and offer your own analysis. The more frequent catch-ups with the client also allow you to understand their business better and in turn, help you provide better service.

Yes, it can sound as if it’s a lot of work at first, but you’ll thank yourself in the long run, especially when the tax season is just around the corner.

Be persistent

Clients are busy just as you are, so expect them to not to respond to your requests as soon as you want them to.

When this happens, don’t dismiss it right away. Follow up often until you get what you need.

But remember:

Don’t be irritating. There’s a difference between nagging and being persistent.

To do this, clearly explain what you need and why you need it. Also, let them know why you need them to cooperate.

For example, instead of saying “Can you send me the tax documents as soon as possible?”, tell them “If you can send me the tax documents as soon as possible, we can finish the reports and file them ahead of time. Also, we will have enough time to counter check if there are any discrepancies.”


Ironic, we know, but relaxing when the tax season has commenced will save your career–and probably your life.

But we’re not saying you should go to the beach and leave all your pending works at the office for a week to get rid of tax season stress.

What we mean is you should not let stress get in the way of dealing with your clients. When you’re uptight and your clients keep on requesting this and that, it’s common for some to snap.

To avoid this, always take a breather when a stressful incident comes up. Take a walk. Reread the message. Eat something. Watch something funny.

In other words, wait until you’re calm before you react to an unpleasant situation.

To sum up…

Tax season is stressful; we get it. But just because it is doesn’t mean it should always be. Plan ahead, be persistent, and relax. Most importantly, make sure you’re equipped with a system that’s proven to make your accounting processes so much easier.

Oojeema is an online accounting software designed to simplify your accounting processes.

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