2 Criteria That Will Get You More Accounting Clients

Getting more accounting clients is probably every accountant’s goal. Hence, we have a list of things to include in our practice so we can reach more market.

But did you know getting more customers do not really need rocket science?

Blake Oliver shares you only have to consider only two criteria:

  1. Ease of use
  2. Price

Before discussing these two points further, let us just clarify that these points are actually the top criteria that business owners ruminate on when choosing who to bank with.

But as an accountant, you can also apply these to your practice.

Ease of use

In the accountants’ world, ease of use may translate to client-friendliness.

If you enjoy shopping at a place where the salespeople are mataray or unapproachable, something may be wrong with you.

It’s our innate desire as humans to be in a spot where we feel comfortable, where we can relax, and where we can just express what we want (and hopefully get it).

However, as accountants, we sometimes have this sense of snobbery to give the aura of being in demand.

We don’t provide free consultation, saying that your time is so precious that you can’t spare even a couple of minutes to answer a very simple question.

We don’t respond to inquiries, or if we do, it takes days before the inquirer receives our replies.

Don’t forget that there are a lot of clients, especially the millennials, prefer to work with accountants they can easily communicate with. Ones who can explain to them the basics of crunching numbers plainly, and ones who add value to their businesses like offering free advice and others.


If the first thing you look at when you’re shopping is the price, you’re not alone, especially in a country where sachet economy is the way to go.

So why offer insane prices even the richest man in the world would not be willing to afford?


Obscene prices do not always justify your expertise.

And most clients do not instantly know the difference between who’s the expert and who’s not. Thus, by instinct, they’ll go for the one with the more affordable price.

Combining the two

So to score more clients, “Make your firm ridiculously easy to work with, and do it for a great price,” says Oliver.

How do you do that?

Simple. Use the right tools with the right price.

Having the tools that really work for and with you means you can easily accomplish your tasks, which also means you can take on more responsibilities from more clients. And the more clients you have, the less need for a high price.

The right instruments may also help you make your practice more client-friendly.

If you’re just starting, use apps specifically designed for small businesses. These applications have all the basic features you need for an affordable price.

For your accounting needs, use one that’s actually designed for micro and small businesses like yours. Oojeema is one software specifically made for MSME and Philippine businesses. Hence, all the features are exactly what you need, including the BIR forms, without breaking the bank.

Oojeema is the country’s FIRST online accounting software designed specifically for Philippine businesses.

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