4 Most Important Productivity Tools for Small Business

Does your business encounter difficulty in keeping track of all the processes needed for business growth such as employees’ performances, project details, project management, better communication, web analytics, inventories, files and documents sharing, and so on? In this technological age, these problems have simple solutions as there are abundant business productivity tools every SME should have which are available online. These productivity tools for small business are helpful in managing different processes and aspects of SMEs especially those whose operations involve online presence and with clients that are mostly processed through the internet.

Top 4 Productivity Tools for Small Business

Dropbox for Business

Dropbox is one of the most important productivity tools especially if SMEs have file sharing processes. This tool enables to save files on a computer and access them from different devices even remotely. Files within the Dropbox application are automatically synced to all of the user’s devices such as phone, computer or tablets. Among the features of Dropbox include a fast transfer of large files such as videos even if the other users do not have Dropbox account, easy management of photos as the app automatically uploads photos, and seamless collaboration on tasks such as presentation with teammates and others. Dropbox app is free, but with limited spaces of up to 2GB. Its pro account or the Dropbox Pro, which costs around $9.99 per month, has a 1TB space capability with priority customer support service. Pro account also has several advantages such as neat file sharing and the ability to control links to expired files. Another premium account for Dropbox is the business account, which is priced at about $15 per month per users. This type of paid account has extra features and services compared to free and pro account. This application supports different devices such as Windows, Linux, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Windows-based mobile devices, Blackberry, Kindle Fire and others. Other features included in Dropbox are the following:

  • Sharing of files through the public folder
  • Sharing images
  • Invitation-only folders
  • Sharing links via Dropbox
  • Notification when someone accesses the files
  • File request

VTiger CRM

Vtiger is another important business productivity tools every SME should have. It is a customer resource management (CRM) designed for small businesses. This application has been tailored to cater client’s needs which allow users to stay informed about different business details. Among its important benefits include sales automation, email marketing capabilities and inventories of projects. There are positive reviews about the importance of Vtiger when it comes to sales, marketing, and support systems. This app enables businesses to build strong and long-lasting business connections through more collaborative and organized systems. Some of the features of Vtiger include email marketing, management of contacts, forecasting, opportunity management, automation of workflows, performance report, customization of products, insights, documents, and files, inventories, lead management, security management, subscriptions, workflows, customer portals, tasks and activities, and many others. This application costs from $10 up to $35 per month depending on the type of packages. It supports different devices such as Windows, Android, iPhone, Mac and other web-based devices.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is very important for businesses that have websites. This application allows the user to keep track of the traffic that their website generates including the origin of the traffic and some other key demographics of the audience, which are all helpful in making decisions especially for those who are just starting up. This application lands number one in Forbes 20 Must Have Tools for Small Businesses. This tool is also easy to use and uses clear marks and graphs that even less-techy individuals can understand and use.


Skype is no doubt a vital tool in revolutionizing not just long distance relationship but also businesses. Its video capabilities allow users to interact real time. This app is beneficial for businesses especially those who are operating remotely or have branches from other areas especially from other countries.Among the useful features of Skype include the following:

  • Free call from Skype to Skype anywhere in the world
  • Calls to mobile or landlines at low rates compared to traditional telephone calls
  • Video or call conferencing of up to 25 people at the same time
  • Group chat
  • Instant document sending or file sharing
  • Instant messaging


Today, the presence of technological innovations such as the internet gave vast opportunities to different businesses, especially in terms of marketing and even up to maximizing the potential of the business when it comes to productivity and company performance. The aforementioned productivity tools for small business, along with many others become not just helpful in the company, but they place crucial roles in business growth and development. The abundance of available applications for budding businesses gives SMEs a wide option for their growth. Depending on what tools best suit your needs, you could maximize these options to leverage the performances of every aspect of their business, from workforce performances to sales and marketing, and even up to effective communications within the organization.

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